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Smiling Pregnant Woman

Ease Discomfort with Prenatal Physiotherapy

It is not uncommon to experience pelvic, pubic symphysis, and/or low back pain during pregnancy or postpartum. This is partially due to the change in your centre of gravity and the physical and hormonal stresses on your low back and pelvic joints. If you are looking to ease these new pains and discomforts, we encourage you to work with us at Mother Nurture Physiotherapy. 

Our physiotherapists can teach you specific stretches and strengthening exercises that you can do at home to help manage this pain. Prenatal physiotherapy treatment may also include the use of manual therapy, cupping, acupuncture, dry needling and/or taping.

We also have research supporting pelvic floor exercises during pregnancy to reduce the incidence of incontinence and prolapse after birth. These pelvic floor exercises should be taught by an experienced pelvic health physiotherapist such as those on our team. During a prenatal physiotherapy education appointment, you will be prescribed an individualized core/pelvic floor exercise program for preventative purposes if indicated.

What are good exercises to do during pregnancy? This is another frequently asked question. At your appointment we can go through the do's and don'ts of exercising during pregnancy. Each woman will be prescribed an individualized home exercise program based on their assessment findings. Many women are also interested in discussing birthing positions and perineal stretching. These appointments help our clients feel empowered during their pregnancy and birth.

It pays to plan ahead, and part of that means preparing your body for pregnancy and birth. Mother Nurture Physiotherapy offers a full spectrum of prenatal health physio programs that you can use to get body and mind in shape for this exciting and transformative time in your life.

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