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Prevent and treat incontinence

Woman in Pain

Why Pelvic Health Physiotherapy Can Help You

Many women are dealing with pelvic pain alone, without any real support or remedy. This should not be happening! If you are experiencing painful sex, lower abdominal pain, perineal pain, vulvar pain, rectal pain, or bladder pain, Mother Nuture Physiotherapy is here to help.

Our pelvic health physiotherapists are specially trained to teach their clients an individualized home exercise program, perform internal/external manual therapy techniques, and provide support and education as needed. Your treatment plan will be customized to your needs, and can adapt and change as your body does.

Many pelvic pain patients will require a multidisciplinary approach, but a pelvic health physiotherapy appointment is a great starting point.

Urinary incontinence

Prevent and Treat Incontinence

One in three women will experience urinary incontinence in their lives. It can occur during pregnancy or postnatal periods, but is not limited to these times. Incontinence also includes the involuntary loss of gas or stool. This is also something that many of our pelvic health physiotherapy clients struggle with.

It is important to know the anatomy and physiology of the pelvic floor and also how to properly use your pelvic floor muscles. Pelvic floor exercises are the first line treatment for incontinence, but it is important to be sure you are doing these exercises correctly.

Mother Nurture Physiotherapy can provide you with a physiotherapist who will come up with the exact home program you need based on your assessment findings. Keep incontinence at bay with our sensitive pelvic health services.

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